Episode 1 – Revolutionaries


In a universe of infinite possibilities it is inevitable that parallel civilizations arise. Biology, just like ours, will emerge from the mud and reach for the stars. Parallel, but not identical. When one of us laughs, our double cries. One wails, the other whispers. One makes peace, the other, war. This is a story about love, hate and two men with conflicting visions of the future.

We are also on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/star-trek-shadows-of-tyranny/revolutionaries.


Written by: Sebastian Prooth, Ruby Fink and Colin Thornton
Executive Producers: Mathieu Blondin and Sebastian Prooth
Produced by: Colin Thornton
Production Artwork by: Todd Gwynn


Scott Martineck as Capt James T. Kirk
Michael J Pollak as Mr Spock
Larry Phelan as Dr McCoy
Adrianne Grady as Sgt Saavik

Also Starring

Tom Antonellis as Chief Engineer Scott
Sam Gillis as Mr Sulu
Bobbi Owens as Lt. Uhura
Ben Whisman as Ensign Chekov
Garry Cobbum as Cpl Branson
Cheralyn Lambeth as Nurse Chapel
Todd Gwynn as Ref
Glenn Hascall as the Computer.
Jeff Keeping as Crewman
Nicole Kiss, Kris Siebers, Mike Sangiamo, Aaron Page and Jack Klett as Crowd Members

2 comments on “Episode 1 – Revolutionaries

I can already tell that’s gonna be super heplufl.


Everytime i hear the end I think of Doctor Doom


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