Scott Martineck
James T. Kirk


Micheal J. Pollak

Science Officer and First Officer

Adrianne Grady
Sergeant Saavik

Science Officer and Personal Guard

Larry Phelan
Dr. Leonard McCoy

Chief Medical Officer

Ben Whisman
Pavel Chekov

Ben Whisman is an editor, writer, artist, voice audio artist, and web designer. He has professional experience from the mid-1980’s to late 1990’s in desktop publishing and graphics, and from the early 1990’s in font design. He has resumed writing and font design work.

Ben Whisman has appeared in several audio dramas since 2009, in science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. He has done other voice audio work on the web since 2006. Voice work has included human, alien, and animal voices, as well as foreign accents.

He has been a science fiction fan as long as he can remember, and some of his story ideas and drawings date back to high school. Original stories, poetry, and fiction appear on his website, along with fan-based media.

He is from Houston, Texas. He speaks English natively. He speaks French and Spanish, each with near-native accents. College coursework included English and French literature. Other languages and cultures are always interesting. Voice work has included a Russian accent, among others.

Special areas of concern include web accessibility, handicap and impairment needs, and GLBT / gay-friendly issues. He is vision-impaired (legally blind / low-vision). He was a primary caregiver from the early 1990’s until late 2011.

A full list of his audio work and other media appear on his website:

Samuel Gillis
Hikaru Sulu

Helm and Security Officer

Bobbi Owens
Lieutenant Nyota Uhura

Bobbi Owens is a NYC based Actor/Singer and Commercial Voice Over Artist. She has numerous Stage and Independent Feature Film credits. Bobbi can also be seen in various Commercials, Promos and Industrials. As a Voice-over artist, she can be heard on TV/Radio spots, Image Videos, Web Narrations, Documentaries, Animations and Independent films.

Tom Antonellis
Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer

Tom Antonellis, originally from Natick, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston), is an LA-based voiceover artist, stand-up comic and actor who also fancies himself an off-beat author. Look for his latest book ‘Relanyms – A Book of Word Play’ on Amazon later in 2015. A graduate of the College of Visual and Performing Arts (with a BFA in film) from Syracuse University, Tom’s been steeped in film and the study of it for his entire adult life.

In addition, his comedic magnum opus “Tom Antonellis: Laugh at or With” (a comedy CD) enters its mixing phase this year (2015). You can stay posted on the status of this project by liking “Tom Antonellis” and/or “Thick Skin Creations” on Facebook. To date, the album features 51 different voices including many more from his cache of impressions from Kermit the Frog to Adrian Brody from ‘Predators’ to the Sarlacc Pit in ‘Return of the Jedi’. Of course, a hilarious Boston accent is prominently featured. Certain pieces follow under the heading of “Musicomedy” and feature his guitar-playing and singing father of the same name: Tom Antonellis (Senior).

Tom considers his childhood play and the creation of myriad characters with his sister (fellow comic and actor, Julee Antonellis) as the source of his passionate pursuit of voiceover and acting in general. Mom (Rosemary Antonellis, an artist and teacher) and Dad did all they could to encourage both kids to create, create, create. A bit anal-retentive by nature, Tom’s been keeping and updating a list of characters he’s created since the age of 8. The list is rather long.

Like many of his “Star Trek – Shadows of Tyranny” compatriots, he’s been a science fiction fan since ‘Empire Strikes Back’ first had its theatrical run. He owns every movie and episode Star Trek has ever produced displayed on a very specially-designed and prominent shelf in his apartment (which is chock-full of collections from Star Trek to The Terminator to Harry Potter to the Muppets).

Oh: And he does a mean Cha-Cha.

Tom would like to thank Gene Roddenberry for his extraordinary creation (Tom’s college essays touched on Roddenberry and Jim Henson as huge inspirations), the casts and crews of the various iterations of Star Trek past and present, and the producers and partners of “Star Trek – Shadows of Tyranny” for the chance to vocalize Scotty and to lend a contribution to such a great project.

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