Mathieu Blondin
Creator & Audio Engineer

Mathieu was born in Montreal, Quebec and now lives in Gatineau, Quebec. Works as a public servant for the Government of Canada as a Web Application Designer. He is part of the Royal Canadian Air Force Reserve and holds the rank of Captain and is an honorary Aide de Camp for the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec.

With Sebastian Prooth, Mathieu is the co-creator of Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny.

As of season 2, Mathieu is Continuing Mission’s Audio Engineer. He has also worked on The Administration – episode 11 & 12, Ugly D.U.C.K.L.I.N.G., Small World episode 24 – Another Day, Star Trek: Excelsior and Doctor Who podcasts.

Sebastian Prooth
Executive Producer
Colin Thornton
Producer / Writer

Colin was born many light years ago on a dwarf planet called Toronto. Memories of high school include happy hours studying drama, playing the tuba and watching the original Star Trek series on TV after school. After 35 years as an advertising copy writer and creative director Colin began writing longer format stories (i.e., anything longer than 30 seconds). He has written and directed documentaries and biographies in Canada for the CBC, APTN (Aboriginal People’s Television), Canal D and Shaw Cable; audio dramas for One Act Productions and New Radio Theatre in San Francisco, and a continuing series called Small Worlds for Misfits Audio in Cleveland. Mathieu Blondin mixed one of the better episodes of Small Worlds for Colin. Four months later Mathieu introduced him to Sebastian Prooth and here we are today all working together. What a world! For more info:

Ruby Fink

Ruby Fink was born in Los Angeles, California. Daughter of actress Jane Sibbett and writer Karl Fink, she was on set as “Baby Ben” in Herman’s Head at two weeks old. She wrote and directed her first short film when she was twelve, and she won her high school film festival’s Best Screenplay award when she was fourteen for her film, Trash Queen.

When her family moved to Hawaii in 2008 she participated in the two TV pilots her father wrote- Doc in the Box and Edge of Reality- as a grip, camera operator and extra. In 2012 Ruby helped edit a two-hour documentary her mother shot called 13 Grandmothers: Pacifica, a series of stories from indigenous matriarchal tribal leaders from the Islands. In 2013 Ruby worked as a free-lance editor for 1736 Family Crisis Center, making ten promotional short videos featuring Brad Garret, Jason Alexander, William Keck III, and Jan Perry-among others.

Ruby studied Film Production at Chapman University’s Dodge College, with a minor in Narrative and Dramatic Literature.

Since early 2014 Ruby has been Sebastian Prooth’s writing partner. Most recently Ruby has been tapped to write the radio plays for Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny.

Leigh Wallace
Martin Leduc
Todd Gwynn
Graphics Artist

Originally from Brunswick, Georgia, and educated in Los Angeles, California, Todd Gwynn was born into a Star Trek family. One of his first memories is a model of the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 and a Klingon Battlecruiser suspended from the ceiling in his parents’ bedroom. His father’s love of astronomy, and the never-ending standoff between the Enterprise and the Klingon ship sparked a lifelong love for all things Star Trek.

After entering college with an initial focus in architecture, Todd found himself, like many others in the early nineties, gravitating to computer-based graphic design. Now located in Los Angeles, he cultivated a client base offering freelance desktop publishing and multimedia services. Todd worked on many CD-ROMs, including the computer versions of the popular Geo-Safari. By 1995, he had started his web design firm, Online Presence Providers. Todd later returned to his hometown of Brunswick, Georgia where he continues his career as Web designer.

Having a strong desire to see more classic Star Trek produced, he has poured himself into supporting fan-made (or independent) productions. His credits include his work as Line Producer for Star Trek: Elokomin; Production Assistant at Farragut Films Studios, which produces Starship Farragut, and Star Trek Continues; and a voice cameo in Star Trek: Ranger. Todd is also the creator of Star Trek Channel, and Star Trek Hangouts.

Todd is a contributing Graphics Artist for Star Trek: The Continuing Mission, and a Graphics Artist for Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny.